Alberta's First and only
Dedicated Foley Stage



Little Hook Sound is Alberta's only dedicated Foley stage, led by trained Foley artist Chris Szott.


Chris Szott - Foley Artist

An Edmonton local, Chris grew up listening to the world around him. As a lifelong musician, he studied Recording Engineering & Music Composition in London, UK and went on to complete an audio-post internship at the infamous Galaxy Studios in Belgium. Moving to Toronto, he apprenticed directly under award-winning Foley artists Andy Malcolm and Goro Koyama and their world-renowned team at Footsteps Post-Production Sound, Inc. Chris is excited to be back in the Edmonton area contributing his experience and expertise to the blossoming Edmonton and Alberta Film & Arts Industries.


Isael Huard - Foley Mixer

Isael is an emerging sound designer and sound artist. He studied music composition at the University of Alberta where he majored in music technologies and electroacoustic music, using field recordings, multi channel audio and live improvised electronics in his works. He is the foley mixer at Little Hook Sound and lead sound designer and resident composer at Caldera Interactive.

Our footsteps, prop handling and cloth moves can be heard in these recent projects:

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handmaids poster.jpg
alias grace poster.jpg
vikings poster.jpg
caterpillar knight poster.jpg
waiting for waldemar poster.jpg
momento mori poster.jpg

Contact Us

For any inquires or questions please fill out the form below. We would be happy to work with you and your project within a budget that works for everyone.

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What we need for our Foley session:


Codec: DNxHD, Apple ProRes or Apple ProRes Proxy (Pro Tools does not like H.264's or MP4's)
Quality: 1080p
Timecode: Burnt-in at the TOP of the picture-safe area (as to not obscure surfaces, footwear or props)
Sync Leader: a 2-Pop and Tail-Pop with corresponding video reference on each reel/picture


Guide Tracks: separate tracks for Dialog, Music, and SFX is ideal and appreciated
                           (Please ensure each has a corresponding 2-Pop and Tail-Pop)

Cueing & Notes

EDL: video-only Edit List (with no Audio Track information)
Notes: please let us know what we will NOT have to cover
            please clarify any ambiguous or offscreen action that needs covering but is not clear on the                    Guide
Session Setup: sample-rate, bit depth, picture and project frame-rate (and if it is pull-up/pull-down)

Our Wish List


finding the perfect sounding prop or surface for our stage is often the most expensive and time-consuming part of the Foley process,

but you can help!

At Little Hook Sound, we are always looking to expand our pallet of sounds! If you have a unique item that makes an interesting squeak, creak, or sound and are looking to give it a second home and second life as a movie star we would love to hear from you!

Below is a list of surfaces and props we are currently looking for for our stage:

Surface: Bowling Alley Lane wooden slab
Surface: Terrazzo tile 
Surface: Marble or Granite tile or slab
Surface/Prop: Metal Steel Railing (thinner and not aluminum please)
Surface: Rough wood

Prop: Solid Wooden table
Prop: Creaky wooden chair
Prop: Small leather/wood chair
Prop: Horse Bridle
Prop: Horse saddle
Prop: Horse Shoes
Prop: Feather Duster (real feathers)
Prop: Postcard Rack (rotating, aluminum - squeakier the better!)
Prop: Heavybag/Punching Bag (leather preferred)
Prop: Film Trim Bin

General: Rubber mats (high-density recycled rubber granulate is preferred!)
General: Acoustic Treatment Foam

If you might be able to help us out with any of the items listed above, or have a unique prop you'd like to donate, please get in touch via our Contact form!